Wood’e Teen, the e-bike to travel in style

Buke is proud to introduce the Wood’e Teen, the best e-bike to travel in style. Teenagers and kids want to be independent and live their own experiences. Buke Wood’e Teen is their ally to help them make their way safely in the traffic. It will become their buddy to go to high-school, honor a date, join the beach or go to the soccer field with friends.
Its main strengths:
-Style. Wood’e Teen is an e-bike specially designed for kids’ comfort with a wooden plate, Buke’s exclusive signature.
-Power train. Powered by a 250W rear electric motor with great torque, this e-bike does not exceed 25 km/h on bike paths.
-All terrain.This model is equipped with fat tires 24’ inches wide.
-Ecological and economical. No need to go to the pump, it is enough to recharge the batteries, for less than one euro the 1000 km !
 Wood’e Teen is the coolest way to travel in style, a safer and ecological alternative to scooter, moped or motorbike.

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Wood'e Teen

Unique style

All terrain


Economical and ecological


5 years / frame

2 years / electric

2 years / battery

A flexible and durable 250 W motor, 24 inch fat wheels with incredible grip, this electric power-assisted bike is the new dream of stylish teenagers.

  • Allows a 25 to 50 km drive with a Samsung Lithium-Ion battery 360 Wh (36 V 10 Ah).

  • allows a 40 to 70 km autonomy with a long lasting Samsung Lithium-Ion battery 540 Wh (36 V 17 Ah).

    REAR CARRY LUGGAGE OFFERED in the pack (65€ value).

2 199,00 €
including € 2.50 for eco-participation

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Wood'e Teen

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