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Pioneer of the electric Fat Cruiser in France
Buke bikes company was founded in 2014 in Hossegor, a charming beach resort on the French Atlantic coast, world renown for its surf spots. By launching the very first e-fat cruiser in France, Buke opens up new horizons for the electric power-assisted bicycle. Called the Wood'e, this e-bike is inspired by many trips along the Californian coast, the beach culture Mecca.  The craze is immediate in the European surf capital and this original e-bike immediately becomes the reference of the genre in France and beyond.


Buke, has the fabulous idea of turning its famous original beach cruiser e-bike into a city cruiser and launches Le Wood'e fit, ideal for moving around town with an unmatched look and comfort!

Inspired by the Californian way of life, the fat cruiser and city cruiser Buke bring a cool and exciting style to the booming electric power assisted bicycle market.

Born & Designed in Hossegor

Buke is the contraction of Bike and Duke, the nickname given to the Hawaiian pope of modern surfing. This surname also refers to the military nobility in Japan.
The original Buke concept combines exciting design and comfort with the efficiency of an electric power assisted bicycle. On a Buke’s bicycle handlebar, the quest for a quiet surf spot or an escape into the wilderness turns into an authentic adventure. Riding an e-bike has rarely been so pleasant.


Buke is the only electric power-assisted bicycle manufacturer in the world to sign all its models with a wooden or bamboo decorative plate. A tribute to the Woodies, those incredible cars with wooden sides, that Californian surfers loved to drive in from the late 1940s to the early 1960s to cruise on the PCH or Pacific Coast Highway, in search of the perfect wave.


Each Buke electric power-assisted bicycle comes with a 5-year frame warranty, 2 years for the battery and 2 years for the engine, controller and display.

Thanks to its team and the expertise of its network of distributors, Buke ensures that its riders receive a high quality service that matches the design quality and performance of its fat and city cruiser.